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The superior Basilica of St. Francis
The superior Basilica of St. Francis
The superior Basilica of St. Francis
The superior Basilica of St. Francis

The construction of the Lower Basilica of Assisi is a direct consequence of the influence on the Order had by the succession of some new general Fathers of French origins to Friar Elia, in 1239.

The new The superior Basilica of St. Francis has been built in Gothic style, on the Romanic style of the Lower Basilica.

With the building of the Upper Basilica, the construction of the Basilica has been completed on the whole:

The Lower Basilica has became a monumental crypt, reserved for pilgrims and for the veneration of the relics of the Saint;

The Upper Basilica has been reserved for the official meetings and it can host also the Pope, toWhom a special throne is reserved.

The Basilic of Saint Francis was inaugurated in 1253 by Pope Innocenzo IV.

The Lower and the Upper Basilicas are joint by a stair which is in the left transept.

Some fresco-decorations followed to the architectural building: first some of Cimabue (1277) in the left transept (Frescoes from 27 to 32); then some of Giotto (1269), who started his big painting series of "Stories of Saint Francis", composed of 28 works of art (Frescoes from 3 to 16 and from 33 to 46).

Others frescoes added to these: those painted on the transept and on the right aisle, which represent the cycle of the New and the Old Testament (Frescoes 1 and 2 , and from 17 to 26) done by several master craftmen of that time.

The frescoes painted on the vaults of the aisles and on those of the transept completed this monumental work of art.

The earthquake of 26th Sempember damaged seriously the Upper Basilica, particularly near to the transept.

Besides the frescoes of the transept, the earthquake damaged also the exterior tympanum of the transept.

Here there are the titles of all the frescoes of the Upper Basilica, divided aisle by aisle.

The second numeration in Tables reflects that of the windows which tell the "Stories of Saint Francis", according to the classic version of Saint Bonaventura.

    Upper Right Aisle

  1. Esał before Isaac

  2. Benediction of Jacob

    Lower Right Aisle

  3. Tav. XIV   - The Miracle of the Spring

  4. Tav. XIII  - The Manger of Greccio

  5. Tav. XII   - The Extasy of Saint Francis

  6. Tav. XI    - The Proof of Fire before the Sultan Melek El-Kamel

  7. Tav. X     - Chasing the Devils out of Arezzo

    Chasing the Devils out of Arezzo

  8. Tav. IX    - The Vision of the Thrones

  9. Tav. VIII  - The Vision of the fire Chariot

  10. Tav. VII   - The Confirmation of the Rule from Pope Innocenzo III

    The Dream of Innocenzo III

  11. Tav. VI    - The Dream of Innocenzo III

  12. Tav. V     - The Renunciation of wordly Goods

  13. Tav. IV    - The Pray of Saint Damian:

    Vade Francisco et repara domum meam

    The Pray of Saint Damian

  14. Tav. III   - The Dream of the Palace full of Guns

  15. Tav. II    - The Gift of the Mantle to the Poor

  16. Tav. I     - The Homage of a Simple Man

    Right transept

  17. The Crucifixion

  18. Saint Peter healing the Cripple

  19. The Crucifixion of Saint Peter

  20. The Fall of Simon Mago

  21. Sain Peter curing the Infirm

  22. The Decapitation of Saint Paul

    Central transept

  23. Christ and the Virgin on the Throne

  24. The Assumption of the Virgin

  25. The Death of the Virgin

  26. The Leave-Taking of the Virgin

    Left Tansept

  27. Saint John and the Angel

  28. The Fall of Babylon

  29. The seventh Seal

  30. The Vision of the Angels

  31. The Vision of the Throne

  32. The Crucifixion

    Left Aisle

  33. Tav. XV    - The Preach to the Birds

    The Preach to the Birds

  34. Tav. XVI   - The Death of the Knight of Celano

  35. Tav. XVII  - The Preach before Onorio III

  36. Tav. XVIII - The Apparition of Arles during a preach of Saint Anthony of Padova

  37. Tav. XIX   - Saint Francis receives the Stigmates at Monte della Verna

    San Francesco riceve le stimmate

  38. Tav. XX    - The Death of Saint Francis

  39. Tav. XXI   - The Apparition to Bishop Guidi and to Friar Augustine

  40. Tav. XXII  - Ascertaining the Stigmates

  41. Tav. XXIII - The Lamentation of Ladies Clares

  42. Tav. XXIV  - The Canonization by Pope Gregorio IX

  43. Tav. XXV   - The Apparition to Pope Gregory IX

  44. Tav. XXVI  - The Recovery of the wounded Man

  45. Tav. XXVII - The Confession of the Woman risen from the Death

  46. Tav. XXVIII- The Liberation of the eretic Peter of Assisi (or Peter of Alife)

Last warning:

The access to the Basilica is allowed only in fixed hours and with very sober and covered clothes, even during summer.

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