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Cathedral of Saint Rufin

From Piazza del Comune we walk back through San Rufino Street, up to the square with the same name (Piazza San Rufino), where we find the Cathedral of Assisi, dedicated to Saint Rufino.

Saint Rufino, martyr of 238, is "the other" Saint of Assisi.

The Cathedral of Assisi, built in Romanic style in 1135, has the name of this Saint.

The architect was Giovanni da Gubbio.

This building had numerous restoration work and underwent several changements during the Renaissance (by Alessi) and others at the end of the XIX century.

Cathedral of Saint Rufin

Perhaps, the squared bell tower, placed on an ancient Roman cistern, is the only element which remains from the original cathedral.

Cathedral of Saint Rufin

The rose window in the facade is very beauty.

Facade of Saint Rufino

Aisle of Saint Rufino

Inside we can find some beautiful frescoes, a rich museum and the font which, according to tradition, was used during the baptism of both Saint Francis and Saint Clare and, maybe, also for that of Frederick II.

Facade of Saint Rufino

After the earthquake of the 1997, Cathedral was partially restructured.

To the left of the bell tower there is the house native of Saint Clare.

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