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Sanctuary of Saint Maria in Rivotorto

Sanctuary of Saint Maria in Rivotorto

Left the Basilica of Saint Maria of the Angels you continue in direction to Foligno to arrive, later around 3 kilometers, to the Sanctuary of Saint Maria in Rivotorto also said Protoconvento of St. Francis.

The Sanctuary contains to its inside the Sacred Hovel or the first two houses where they found shelter the first followers of St. Francis before getting and therefore to move themselves to the Porziuncola of Saint Maria of the Angels.

It was in the Hovel that St. Francis developed and applied and wrote the Rule (poverty simplicity and prayer).

And from here it departed in 1209 with eleven companions to meet to Rome the Pope Innocenzo III from which it will get the oral approval of the Rule (it was then Pope Onorio III in 1223 to approve the Rule).

The two small residences probably (surely) they are not the original ones of 1200, but the consequence of the various restructurings beginning from that of 1445 realized by Monk Francecso Saccardo that it got from the general Vicar of Assisi the authorization to build where a chapel to get the Saint Mass.

The actual church, reconstructed in style new Gothic after the 1854 earthquake, it belongs to the order of the Conventual Minor Monks that they live in the adjacent convent.

Very beautiful it is the decoration of the door and that it represents the miracle of Rivortorto: St. Francis, while it was being waiting for to talk to the Bishop Guido II to Assisi, he is seen to fly on a wagon of light from the monks of Rivotorto.

When in the afternoon the sun beats on the aureole and on the gilding of the wagon the stage effect it is guaranteed.


The Tugurio

  San Francesco

The visit in the Sanctuary is possible every day from the 6:45 at 12:15 o'clock (Domenica and holidays from the 7:30 at 12:15 o'clock) and from the 14:30 at 19:15 o'clock.

The Sanctuary has normally opened to the cult with the liturgical hourly following:

Saint Mass - weekdays

hour 7:30

Saint Mass - weekdays

hour 8:00 - 10:00 - 11:00 - 17:00


From Monday to Saturday - hour 7:30

Vespro and Rosario

hour 19:00

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