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The Church of Saint Paul

The church of St. Paul was founded in 1071 from the Benedictine abbot Aginaldo.

Together with the Church of Saint Stephen and San Peter is one of the most ancient of Assisi.

The church is at the street St. Paul to the right of the building of the Mails to around 30 meters the Plaza of the Commune.

San Paolo

The fašade of the church is constituted only by a portal surmounted by a seventeenth-century fresco raffigurante three Saints attributed to Dono Doni.

The church has a structure on an only aisle.

The insides are in Romanesque style.

Beautiful it is the representative fresco "the Madonna with Her Child with the Saints Lucy and tAnsano" attributed to Matteo by Gualdo (1475), that is immediately found on the left as soon as he enters.

San Paolo

We end with some history and dates.

In 1253 the church was riconsacrata from Innocenzo IV.

From 1481 to 1652 the structure (church and attached) it was in use to the Congregation of the Canons of San Salvatore in Lauro in Rome.

From 1581 up to the... (?) the church was also center of the Art of the Cobblers.

Currently the church of St. Paul is kept from the Brotherhood of St. Rufino.

To visit the church is not easy (the church is normally close).

San Paolo

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