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The New Church

The New Church was built in 1615 (or 1616) in the place was situaded the native house of St. Francis.

Chiesa Nuova Bronzy statue of Roberto Joppolo

In the plaza in front of the church there is the bronzy statue of Roberto Joppolo of the parents of St. Francis.

To the construction of the Church New contributed a lot the King of Spain Phillip III.

On the summit of the external portal of the church writing is found:


"The house of the parents of Francis

has become temple of God

the jail where he was confined by his dad

it is still visible"

New Church
New Church

In fact, inside the church, you can be visited the "saint Francis's jail"

New Church

Inside the church you can see some relics of Saint Francis.

From the Church you can access the old shop of Pietro Bernardone (Saint Francis's dad).

the old shop of Pietro Bernardone

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