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The defensive boundaries

The whole city of Assisi is contained into medioeval boundaries.

Also there are two fortress: Major Fortress> and toward east the Minor Fortress or Rocchicciola.

Assisi boundaries

The boundaries was built in two step: one inside and realized before to 1200 and one more external realized toward the end of 1200.

With the first ring of wall ended to St. George's gate and therefore the Basilica of Saint Clare, realized in 1260, was not defended.

To furor of people the boundaries were wide so that to englobe the Basilica of Saint Clare.

minor Fortress or Rocchicciola La Rocca Minore


November 28 th 1442

Assisi was from over one month besieged by the troops of Pope Eugenio IV commanded by Niccolo Piccinino one of the greatest captains of fortune of the time.

To the chief of the besieged there was Alexander Sforza.

Passing from the aqueduct the men of the Piccinino enter in Assisi forcing Alexander Sforza to retire himself in the Major Fortress and leaving the city in the hands of the looting.

They didn't even save him from the looting the Basilicas of St. Francis and Saint Clare.

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