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The church of Saint Maria Maggiore

The church of Saint Maria Maggiore is found in plaza of the Vescovado

The church was built above an ancient Roman temple (perhaps devoted to Giano and of which something is still visible in the undergrounds) in the classical Gothic Roman style assisiano of the XI - XII.

The church of Saint Maria Maggiore was existing to the epoch of St. Francis and was used up to 1035 as Cathedral in Assisi (at least up to that the Cathedral of St. Rufino was not ended and the Bishop Ugo transferred here the bishopric).

Saint Maria Maggiore

The fašade is sober, with only a small central rose window, while the inside is separated in three aisles.

Saint Maria Maggiore

Saint Maria Maggiore - fresco

The walls are probably fresco by anonymous artists of school umbra, restored in the thirties and (to seem some writer) of good invoice, but their state of maintenance is not good (as you can see)....

Saint Maria Maggiore - fresco
Saint Maria Maggiore - fresco

Not missed to visit the crypt paleocristiana.

crypt crypt

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