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Hermitage of Carceri

Even if there are 5 kilometres of road going uphill, it is possible to join the Eremo delle Carceri also on foot, following the road signs from Assisi to Mount Subasio.

Hermitage of Carceri - the map

The Eremo delle Carceri (which in Italian means "prison hermitage") is so called because Saint Francis and his disciples used to withdraw here to pray and to meditate in the several caves of this area.

Hermitage of Carceri Hermitage of Carceri

In 1400, Saint Bernardine of Siena added a convent to the previous little church and the convent has been enlarged over the centuries, up to the present day.

Hermitage of Carceri Hermitage of Carceri

The walk in the wood is really mystic because of the natural caves, which are very frequent, and the tiny chapels where pilgrims can withdraw to meditate.

Hermitage of Carceri Hermitage of Carceri

This is my last suggestion: after visiting the Eremo delle Carceri, continue on the way to Mount Subasio (html file).

From up there the panorama of Umbria is unforgettable.

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