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Saint Damian and the Clarisse

From 1212 to 1253, Saint Clare and her Poor Clares estabilished themselves here, up to Saint Clare's death.

Saint Damian

The Convent is partially visitable crossing a brief itinerary.

Saint Damian

The first one covers it is "the capannuccia of mats in an angle of the house" where St. Francis wrote (in the first italic vernacular) the The Canticle of the Creatures.

Saint Damian - Il San Sebastiano

The run continues crossing the chapel of the Convent.

Done go out of the Chapel you enter into the "Coretto of Saint Chiara" characterized from the furnish in wooden original (?) and from the fresco of the Christ Crucifix.

You continues then grazing the "Garden" or "the aiuola of praise on the servant."

Here Saint Chiara told her sisters that:

When they saw the beautiful trees in bloom
they begs God

QWhen they saw the men and the other creatures
they begs God

You climb the staircases and enter in the inside oratory to the Convent and from this you reach where the Dormitory on August 11 1253 Saint Clare died surrounded by the faithful companions of St. Francis: brother Angelo, brother Leone and brother Ginepro and where as soon as two days before she had been visited by the Pope Innocenzo IV.

Il coretto di Saint Damian
St. Damiano - The oratory
Saint Damian
Saint Damian

Going down the staircases, you arrive to the refectory of Saint Chiara.

Under the ancient floor to a depth of 5 meters there is "the Cave under the house."

Here St. Francis hid him from his Father.

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