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The plaza of Municipality

La piazza del Comune

From Plaza Saint Clare you have to walk back towards the centre of Assisi and to go along Corso Mazzini, so as to arrive to The plaza of Municipality (Piazza del Comune).

La piazza del Comune   Municipio

In this square you can admire Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo; Palazzo dei Priori, which is the seat of the town council; and the pediment of the Temple of Minerva.

Piazza del Comune vista di San Rufino

Apart from the various restorations, all these buildings have been built before the XV century.

Torre del Popolo   La piazza del Comune   Tempio di Minerva

La fontana dai tre leoni

The fountain with three lions which is opposite the post office is dated back to the XVI century.

While you are in Assisi, you can't absolutely miss a walk in San Francesco Street.

By the street - besides a lot of small craft shops - there are Palazzo Giacobetti (the seat of the municipal library, where the original text of the Laudes Creaturarum [The Canticle of the Creatures] is kept); the ancient Oratorio dei Pellegrini; and the Municipal Museum.

Torre del Popolo - I mattoni originali   Fontana dei Leoni   Altare

Another place worth to visit is the municipal art gallery, which is on the ground floor of Palazzo dei Priori.

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