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The Basilica of Saint Clare

In 1255 Clare was proclaimed saint and in 1260 her body was moved from the church of Saint Damian to a new church called with Her Name and she was laid in a crypt under the high altar, where she has always rested, up to now.

The Basilica of Saint Clare

The church dedicated to her is in Gothic style and it is really beautiful since it is reminiscent of the Upper Basilica, with its big exterior columns and the pattern of the facade in a typical pink and white stone, extracted from the quarry of Mount Subasio.

The Basilica of Saint Clare

Tomb of Saint Chiara

Apart from the body of Saint Clare, this church preserves (in a chapel of the right aisle) the crucifix that spoke to Saint Francis, which comes from the church of Saint Damian.

The Basilica of Saint Clare

Other beautiful elements are the frescoes dedicated to Clare's life, which can be admired in the presbytery.

Only some parts of this church can be visited, in fact the earthquake of September 1997 damaged them seriously.

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