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The Calendimaggio
First Thursday of May

Strange feast is the Calendimaggio in Assisi.

The calendimaggio is a mixture among the classical propitiatory party in Spring with a moment of reconciliation among the two parts, the "Noble Part than Above" (Guelfa) and the "Magnificent Part of Under" (Ghibellina), uniforms, in the past centuries, from hates and slaughters sangunarie.

The party of the Calendimaggio in Assisi develops him during the three days that have been racing for first Thursday after May 1 and if on May 1 falls of Thursday the party it has beginning in date 8 May.


The evenings of Thursday and Friday are devoted to games of ability (draught with the crossbow, draught to the rope and run of the tregges) and to the proclamation of Madonna Spring.

To the Saturday toward the 15.30 there is totally the final challenge in custom mediovale to which follows the competition of the choirs that continues up to the first hours of the Domenica with the proclamation of the winning Part to the evening.

Calendimaggio Calendimaggio

The challenge develops him on the exhibition of the two parts in complex scenes always accompanied by histories, songs and stornelli in style medioevale.

The choreographies and the scenes, study for a long time and sought after, they are very beautiful... initial evening stuff of the Olympiads!

Calendimaggio Calendimaggio The figures



Piazza del Comune - Consignement of the Keys

3.15 p.m. Display of the "Sbandieratori di Assisi" (Assisi flag - wavers)

4.00 p.m. Rining of bells to proclaim the start of the festival.

The Maestro de Campo takes on supreme authority Restitution of the palio.

Investiture of the jury.


3.30 p.m. Piazza del Comune - Madonna Primavera Entrance of the Processions.

Medieval games and the proclamation of Madonna Primavera.


The Contest: 3.30 p.m. Piazza del Comune "The Challenge"

Entrance of the historical processions.

The two parts publicly challenge each other.

Procession passes Corso Mazzini and Piazza Santa Chiara.

9.30 p.m. Piazza del Comune "Il Palio"

Entrance of the historical processions.

Choral centest between the two parts. Assigning of the Palio.

Booking your seat

For the places on Platfom seats diveded for sector you can buy a subscription by post order to:


Chiara Paoletti Ente Calendimaggio

C/o Ufficio Postale Assisi Centro Via Madonna dell'Ulivo 06081 Assisi - Pg

Subscription Sector A (side place per person ) Euro 60,00 (Euro 55,00 + 5 Euro booking per person)

Subscription Sector B (central side per person) Euro 80,00 ( Euro 75,00 + 5 Euro booking per person )

Please send to us copy receipt by fax 075813727 or send a mail to info@iat.assisi.pg.it and write exact number of subscription A or B

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